“I feel that Realta gave me an incredibly realistic picture of the position. I had no misconceptions coming in to the position on what it would take to succeed as far as timeline and my work efforts. Your insights were impressive and honestly the reason that I am still here. Had a different, rosier, picture been painted I may have left due to my expectations not being met.

Also, the thing that most impressed me was your effort to place me in the position. Often when working with recruiters I feel like I have to do all of the follow up and work. My experience with you was quite the opposite. I’m not sure that another recruiter would have fought as hard for me to get the job. I truly appreciate that.”

“I had a very positive experience working with your organization and especially Leo. Unlike other firms that I have had interaction with in the past; your team took a strong interest in making sure the opportunity was right for both me and the organization. Your team had a very strong understanding of the organization and the complexity of the sales process; which is a critical element for candidates’ to consider.”

“My experience with Realta was not like any others that I’ve worked with. What really impressed me was that Realta found me – even though I had never heard of your staffing agency in the past.

Realta worked persistently when they found an opportunity that fit my skills and vice versa.

The persistency and consistency and the drive to place their candidates sticks out in my mind about Realta.”

“My experience with Realta was great. One thing that separates Realta from the crowd is your attention to every detail of the whole process. I feel this starts with your deep knowledge of the companies you are finding candidates for; making sure there is a valid match, thus saving everyone’s time and energy.

Realta’s follow through after the various interviews and meetings was outstanding. Clearing up areas of concern is yet another example of this attention to every detail of the job search process.”

“The placement process with Realta was enjoyable. Each step of the process was clearly defined and I did feel as though you were clear with the job specifications and the environment. I also appreciate the follow up from you over the last two years. It shows an interest in whether the placement was appropriate in the first place. I have worked with other firms in the past but not to the point of accepting a position with a company. The experience with Realta was very positive and I have encouraged some of my colleagues to work with the firm.”