As a potential candidate for a position that is being sourced through Realta direct placement, you can rest assured that Realta isn’t going to submit your resume for consideration unless the recruiter feels quite sure you’ll be happy in the position, and that the hiring manager will value your skills and talents.

Realta recruiters do much more than collect resumes. They will talk to you, in detail, about your experience, your likes, dislikes, expectations and goals. They will tell you as much as they can about the job opportunity and work hard to be sure the match is a good one.

By the time you get to the interview process with the hiring manager, you’ll feel like you already know everything you need to know. You’ll feel comfortable that you understand what will be expected of you in the position, and you’ll know what the hiring manager’s goals for the position are.

After your interview with the hiring manager, the Realta recruiter will talk to you at length, to further validate their understanding of the manager’s hiring needs.

Then, once you’ve started work, the recruiter will keep checking in with you, to be sure the pictures Realta painted of the company and the position were accurate.