Given the choice, hiring managers would opt to interview only three top-notch, qualified candidates, rather than slog through two dozen resumes of individuals who might be able to do the job.

When Realta takes up the search for your open position, you will only see the top candidates. Realta will screen out the dozens of possible candidates, and save you the time – and frustration – of paring down the list.

Realta recruiters not only know how to ask the hard questions of a candidate; they also know the industry. They are able to validate candidate comments and ask more advanced follow-up questions than a less specialized direct placement recruiter might.

The candidates Realta selects will impress you with their qualifications and achievements.

You won’t wonder if the candidate could handle the job. You’ll feel good about how they’ll fit into your organization.

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“When I get a candidate from Realta, I never have to wonder if the candidate will be a good fit.”

After your first candidate sourcing experience with Realta, you’ll be happy to enlist their services again and again. Once Realta knows you and your organization, they know you – you won’t have to bring them up to speed again. The recruiting team shares information, strategy and status constantly.

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