“I find that you are very easy to communicate with…”

“…you seem to ‘get’ what kind of environment we have. Therefore you are able to communicate that to prospective employees. Because your picture of our environment is so clear, the candidate understands exactly what working here will be like.”

“I think Realta’s strongest skill is communication. I have never had to push for results and that is refreshing when so many recruiters just go silent and never give you updates.”

“With Realta, I never have to worry about getting a candidate that does not fit the profile I am looking for.”

“The candidates Realta sends me are always well prepared. I don’t have to worry about doing a phone screen because Realta has already done that.”

“Realta is very thorough. They know exactly the type of person I want, and have done an excellent job of interviewing me to make sure they have a firm grasp on what I’m looking for.”

“I may not get many resumes from Realta, but the resumes I do get are always excellent prospects.”