If you’ve worked with “head hunters” before, you know that there are two common responses to a job requisition — you’ll either get bombarded with resumes of average candidates, or you’ll hear nothing at all from the recruiter…for months.

Don’t expect that with Realta.

Realta recruiters pride themselves on communication and follow-up. You’ll hear from them regularly, and they’ll let you know what they are doing to source your position.

When you ask Realta to find qualified candidates for a position, the Realta account manager will kick off the nine-step search process.


Realta’s goal during discover is to understand the company, the position responsibilities and the challenges of the position.

You’ll begin to see the interview insights and skills the Realta recruiters have, as they question you about the candidate you’re looking for.

Define the Position

Successful search requires a mutually agreed upon written job description that outlines the duties and responsibilities of the open position.

You’ll be asked about the position you’re looking to fill, about your company’s environment, your management style and expectations, about the other members of the team and about long term career opportunities within your organization.

The Realta account manager will take the information you’ve shared and put together a candidate profile for internal use. Any potential candidate they discover during their search will be compared to this profile.

Development of Target Organizations

Since Realta recruiters know your industry, they know where to begin looking for qualified candidates. They’ll do far more than simply post a job description on a few of the job-hunting websites.

The Realta team will formulate a list of selected organizations in the same or related industries. They’ll hit their list of industry contacts, and start asking these people who they know.

Candidate Sourcing

Before long, they’ll have names. They will identify potential candidates that fit the position description using a number of methods: their database, professional contacts and networking resources.

Candidate Assessment

Realta will evaluate and screen prospective candidates through in-depth interviews. They will create a profile on every viable candidate that identifies individual strengths as well as weaknesses.

Candidate Presentation and Interviewing

Realta will present each qualified candidate via a detailed written candidate profile. The profile includes the candidate’s educational, career and compensation expectations. Selected candidates are scheduled for personal interviews.

Follow-Up Meetings: Client Company and Candidate

Realta will actively coordinate, schedule and communicate candidate interviews and follow-up meetings. After the interview, the Realta recruiter conducts a candidate debrief, that provides a method for understanding the level of interest and identifies any concerns the candidate might have about the position. Then, the account manager follows up with the hiring manager to receive feedback about the candidate’s performance during the interview.

Candidate Referencing

As the search narrows, Realta will conduct an extensive reference checking process. These references are tailored to address the areas of real interest identified during the hiring process. The Realta recruiters will work to get deeper and more useful responses than the standard “yes I would hire that person again.”

Ongoing Communication

Realta will maintain frequent and open communication with clients and with candidates throughout the search process. They will assist with negotiating final compensation packages, establishing starting arrangements and assist the candidate with smooth transition and integration into the company.

Take a look at some of the highly qualified candidates Realta has recruited for their clients.